Your pics are shite
Giulia Julie P.(non-registered)
Amazing!!! These photos leave me breathless ... You are so deeply talented! Great job xxo
Pretty amazing photography!
John Kincaid(non-registered)
There are some fantastic photos on your website. You have captured the colours wonderfully well. My own memories of my two long, but could've stayed longer, trips to India are still vivid.

It's a country which tends to leave a powerful presence upon you, plus a myriad feelings inside.

Great work Robb...
Just viewed the BKK 10's photos. Thanks for the memories Rob. despite the missing 700 there is some great action in the 91. Well done matey.
Martin Greenacre(non-registered)
Had a look at a few pics today Rob, after not visiting for a long time. Looking good as always! May talk to Teng about ordering some pictures to decorate a wall in our house - do you frame and deliver to Perth?
More great action moments from the BKK Intl 7's 2014. Thanks a mint for your dedication and fine lensmanship Rob. Your photographs are always a joy to view. On, On...
Where's the Team photo Nobby? Laugh? I haven't laughed so much since Grandma died and Auntie Mable caught herself in the mangle.
Very nice travel pictures Mr Ardmawr. I will enjoy viewing them further when time permits. Keep up the good work.
There is some really great stuff there Rob. You have a genuine talent.
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